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Enrolling your child at St Mary's is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Enrolments are taken throughout each year, however for new Kindergarten students they are encouraged by the end of Term Two of the year before commencement.  The Archdiocesan Enrolment Policy states that children commencing Kindergarten must be at least (5) five years of age by 30th April.


St Mary’s Primary School is a Catholic Systemic School within the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn and as such is covered by the Archdiocesan Enrolment Policy. St Mary’s Enrolment Policy therefore operates in conjunction with the Catholic Education Office Enrolment Policy. This can be viewed here:

NSW Catholic Primary School Enrolment Policy


Those who choose St Mary’s for their children do so on the understanding they respect and agree to support the Catholic identity of our school and acknowledge the value of religious education for their children.

St Mary’s is open to all who are willing to support the philosophy, values and aims of Catholic Education.


Enrolment forms can be attained from the St. Mary's School Office or downloaded below:


NSW Archdiocesan Catholic Primary School Enrolment Form


Enrolment Process

The following processes will normally occur:


 The Parents or Carers, attend, ring or write to the school requesting an appointment with the Principal, or other School Executive. During this meeting you will be taken on a tour of the school facilities.


 The Parents or Carers request an Application for Enrolment Form.


 Parents or Carers return the completed Application for Enrolment Form to the School Office.


 The school will acknowledge receipt of the completed form.


Students may participate in ‘The School Explorers’ Readiness Program, conducted over eight weeks in Terms 2 and 3, whether they have enrolled at St. Mary’s or not.


 Parents or Carers will be contacted in early Term 3 and asked to arrange an interview with the Principal.  The interview provides an opportunity to:

  • Meet the student and assess his/her readiness to start school.

  • Discuss the needs of the student with parents and to outline the curriculum as presented at the school.

  • Answer any questions parents may have about the school.

  • Visit the Kindergarten classroom and other general learning areas of the school if required.


 Students participate in the Kindergarten Orientation Day in Term 4.



Fee Structure

The Tuition fee for St Mary’s is set annually by the Catholic Education Commission. The School Board sets levies for Building, Utilities and Maintenance, Resources and Computers as part of the process of setting the annual school budget.


The Resource Levy covers all stationery, text materials, classroom paper, art and craft materials and sundry items purchased for the children and the classes.


The Utilities Levy covers the costs associated with the general running of the school itself. These include cleaning, gas and electricity, phone, mowing, waste disposal etc.


In accordance with Archdiocesan Policy no child will be denied a Catholic Education on the basis of a family’s inability to pay fees. Circumstances of genuine financial hardship should be discussed with the Principal.


The following fees schedule has been approved by the School Board for the 2018 school year and is reviewed annually.


  • CEO Tuition Fee $293 per family per term
  • Utilities/Maintenance Fee $128 per family per term
  • Building Levy $25 per family per term
  • Student Resource Levy $30 per student per term
  • ICT Levy $30 per student per term


This means the total cost for one child per term is $506.

The total cost for two children per term is $566.


Please note that the Tuition Fee, Utilities Maintenance Fee and Building Levy, as listed above, are a ‘per family price’ meaning that subsequent children enrolled at St. Mary’s do not pay these fees/levies.


There is a 50% discount on the Tuition Fee if a sibling attends an Archdiocesan Systemic secondary school and no charge for a 4th, or subsequent, child attending a Systemic primary, central or secondary school.




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