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 As with all Catholic schools our curriculum is based on the guidelines of the NSW Board of Studies. In 2014 the Board of Students introduced the National Curriculum which is a foundation document in all schools in Australia. St Mary’s School offers a broad-based curriculum with emphasis given to the care and development of the child as an individual and as a contributing member of a community. At St Mary’s, we teach a varied curriculum to the children in order to assist their spiritual and academic development. The key learning areas taught are: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Human Society and Its Environment (History and Geography), Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, and Creative Arts. Information and Communication Technology skills are a focus in all year levels and integrate across Key Learning Areas. Opportunities for private music tuition are available.
Music A specialist Music Teacher teaches music in each class one day a week. Through a wide range of musical experiences the children are introduced to a balanced program focusing on listening, performing, and organising sound. The children in Years 5 and 6 also learn to play the recorder. All children are involved in liturgical singing and have an opportunity to perform at assemblies and the annual school concert. All students in Years 1-6 are encouraged to join the Infants, Junior or Senior School Choir. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) The school’s main aim is to ensure we produce students who are competent and confident in using computers as a tool to support and enhance their learning. Our Computer Laboratory has 24 computers, and in addition to that, students have classroom access to laptop computers and iPads, all which integrate Information and Communication Technology into all aspects of the curriculum. Each classroom is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard. Staff make an ongoing commitment to maintaining their competence in using classroom technology in effective and educational ways. Library/Information Literacy All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in a Library/Information Literacy lesson on a weekly basis. These lessons focus on fostering a love of books and reading, as well as developing skills that will enable students to become confident users of the library. The skills developed include locating, retrieving and using information from a variety of sources, print and electronic, to assist them in becoming independent learners. Children are encouraged to borrow books on a regular basis and therefore must have a Library Bag. Students are able to access the Library during lunch breaks from Tuesday to Thursday each week. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Each child is involved in some form of physical activity designed to help maintain an adequate level of fitness, to improve gross motor skills and to introduce skills required for participation in leisure sports. It has been demonstrated that participation in physical activities will not only achieve these ideals but that they also enhance academic achievement. An annual School Carnival is held for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Representative teams are then selected to compete in Regional Carnivals. Opportunity for progression to Archdiocesan, MacKillop, and on to State selection at PSSA level is available for talented children aged 8-13yrs. Children also have the opportunity to compete for selection in Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Softball, Soccer, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Netball, Touch Football and Hockey. Progression to higher levels in each of these sports is achievable. St Mary’s has two Sports houses: Aloysius (Green) and Lawrence (Yellow). Students are allocated to a house on enrolment. All children from a family will be placed in the same house. Languages Other Than English (LOTE) During their schooling students will participate in a weekly Japanese lesson from a staff member who is Japanese in nationality and part of the Crookwell Community.
Perceptual Motor Skills Program assists with the sensory development of our Kindergarten and Year 1 students. The program focuses on improving memory, gross motor skills, space awareness, body control and laterality and is run twice a week with the support of parents. Special needs students in other classes are also involved in a similar session, once or twice a week, depending on individual need. A range of experiences in balance, locomotion, hand/ eye/foot coordination and fitness provide the basis of these sessions. Public Speaking - Children from Years 3-6 are invited to further develop their Public Speaking skills through school and inter-school competitions. Choir - The St Mary’s Senior School choir is open to children in Years 3 - 6. They perform at Eisteddfods, school assemblies and at the local nursing home and retirement village. All students in Year K-2 are members of the Junior Choir. The Senior Choir performs with approximately 250 other students at an bi-annual Regional Catholic Schools “Singfest” in Goulburn in Term 3. Music Lessons - Visiting music teachers are available for private music lessons on a weekly basis. Tuition is available in piano, guitar, keyboard and Ukulele by experienced and well trained teachers of Music. Australian Schools Competitions in Science, Mathematics, English, Spelling, Writing and Computers are available for students to enter each year. School Camp is offered to Year 6 students annually at a Department of Sport and Recreation Centre. Poetry, Writing, and Art Competitions – students are encouraged to extend their skills by entering in a variety of competitions as offered by local, state and Australia wide organisations. Chess Club is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Library. Players at all skill levels are encouraged to participate. School Performances - Throughout the year the children enjoy the delights of visiting performers. Christian Meditation- Students from Kindergarten - Year 6 are taught meditation techniques and practice this each week in class. STEM Club - Senior students have the opportunity to participate in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Club. STEM endeavours to develop students innovation and expression through open-ended and creative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics tasks.
Early intervention is provided for children who have difficulty in acquiring the skills of language and mathematics, individually and through special group programs. Individual Education Programs and a variety of specialised programs are used to support and monitor students with learning difficulties. Ongoing support for students with Special Needs is provided by a well coordinated team of Classroom Teachers, Classroom Learning Support Teacher, Principal and Learning Support Assistants who work with the Catholic Education Office and visiting consultants, such as Speech, Occupational and Physiotherapists, to ensure that all students are given the best possible environment in which to achieve their potential. Enrichment is programmed for students especially in key learning areas of Maths and English.
We aim for the children to be nurtured in the Catholic Faith and tradition within a Catholic Christian Community. It is Catholic Education’s policy to follow the Archdiocesan Guidelines, “Treasures New and Old”. Every class sets aside a period of time during the day for a formal Religious Education session. Class Masses and Liturgies are conducted throughout the year with parents most welcome to attend. The preparation of the children for the Sacraments is the responsibility of the Parish in conjunction with the school. The prime responsibility for the children’s preparation lies in the example and Catholic practice of the family. The Parish and School support the family in helping their child receive the precious gifts of the Sacraments.

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