St Mary's Primary School Crookwell NSW

Our Vision and Mission

Our School Prayer
Our Educational Beliefs
Our Vision Statement “Together as One in Truth and Knowledge” unifies the school community. The Mercy Values of Excellence, Care for Others, Justice, Respect and Service guide the staff and students into action. They demonstrate how to live out our School Vision. Our School Community practise living the values, Together as One, through value prayer services and in our day-to-day school life.
 Dear God, We feel good knowing you are everywhere. We give thanks, Lord, for everything, especially Your Son, Jesus, Who died for us. Forgive all our sins. Give us your Spirit to help us live and share with each other, remembering You are Father to us all. Help people everywhere to love their enemies, as well as their friends. Help us at St Mary’s to strive for truth and knowledge as we do your will. Amen.
At St Mary’s we strive to: • provide opportunities for each child to develop to his/her potential - spiritually, academically, physically, socially, morally and emotionally. • promote learning in a happy, caring and just environment. • work co-operatively with parents in the shared role of the total development of each child. • assist children in developing the ability to make informed choices while recognising that freedom is linked with responsibility. • develop a school community in which each person is encouraged to grow and develop in Faith and understand his/her Christian commitment. • work as a total school community in meeting the needs of each member.

Wade Street Crookwell NSW 2583

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